Q: Where/When Do I Pick Up My Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Spring Materials?

A: Name badges and other registration materials will be available for pick up at the registration desk onsite. 

Q: Can I Register On-Site?

A: Yes, on-site registration is available. However, advanced registration offers the advantage of paying discounted rates and being notified first when the industry-supported meal sessions are open for registration. 

Q: Can My Spouse or Child Attend Sessions with Me?

A:No, only registered attendees are allowed at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Spring. Accompanying persons and children are not allowed at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Spring. 

Q: I Am a Member of the Press. How Do I Register?

A: A press badge will be issued upon presentation of a letter of assignment and an official press card for recognized: journals, magazines, newspapers (trade and mainstream), news agencies, broadcast media, online media, information officers for academic institutions, scientific societies, or registered medical research charities. Freelance journalists are required to submit an official letter of assignment and two bylined medical/health/science articles published within the last 6 months. Representatives engaged in the following activities are NOT entitled to register as media and receive a press badge but may register as regular participants: public relations, sales and marketing, advertising, communication and media agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. To register, send the required documents to pr@hmpglobal.com.

Q: Does Registration Provide Me with Access to On-Demand?

A: If you would like access to On-Demand following the meeting, you must register for the SAWC Plus Package. 

Q: How do I register myself or a group?

A: View our registration page for packages and details. Discount are available for larger groups.

Exhibit Hall

Q: When is the Exhibit Hall Open?

A: The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Fall Exhibit Hall hours conveniently do not conflict with sessions. Exhibit Hall hours will be announced soon!

Q: Who Has Access to the Exhibit Hall?

A: The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Spring attendee badges will identify if the attendee is a prescribing healthcare professional or not. It will be up to the individual attendee to decide which areas of the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Spring Exhibit Hall are appropriate for them visit. It will also be the responsibility of exhibitors to decide how they engage or interact with attendees.


Q: Is Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Provided by the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Spring?

A: All meal sessions will be announced soon! Please note: pre-registration is required to attend.